Monday, December 17, 2012

Bangalore :)

Life in Bangalore:

The “Garden City” is rapidly developing and expanding .

It provides a view into both faces of India : the India caught up in the technological and developmental boom, and the India of bustling markets, vibrant colors, and street side chai wallahs.

One factor that anyone must be aware of before embarking in any activities is time: traffic is a big problem in Bengaluru and you need to allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destinations.

Moreover one thing is sure is that Bangalore is super noisy. You can ear horns and people shouting all the time, but at 10.30 pm it will become super silent.

Bangalore’s people:

50 % are narrow minded, 50 % are broad minded.

I have been here since 4 years. I have rarely got bored here!

Bangalore has everything from entertaining places for children to adults. Even if is not in proper Bangalore, the amusement places are not that far.

You have parks for children and as well as aged people, and plenty of restaurant for adults, or pubs for youngsters as well as malls.

You cannot get bored in Bangalore that is for sure. And you have almost everything in Bangalore except the beach. You can discover a lot in Bangalore.

Plus as it is a cosmopolitan city you can always enjoy in socializing with other people.

Since I came what I have enjoyed to do is discover places, enjoy multi cuisines. And meet new people.

You always end up in meeting one person at least per day .

Bangalore is a beautiful city! Yes there is no night life but you can always attend after parties which are at peoples place.

The main drawback of Bangalore, I am sure plenty of people are irritated with is the Auto-Drivers. They spit a lot, they are rude, and even if you are tired they will take you for a city tour, as they will always take long routes. You always end up in fighting with auto drivers, at least once in a week. You spend a lot in travelling, and also in food. Bangalore life is actually becoming expensive day by day.

Bangalore is also an attracting place for international singers: many celebrities came here.
I m pretty much addicted to this beautiful city .